A traditional, even classic, garden design, with an easy informal style. The feeling of intimacy and seclusion is achieved using the different levels of this sloping site. Distinct areas of the garden vary in mood, yet flow almost organically into one another. They provide areas for outdoor living: seating and space for relaxation. Terraces at two different levels are surfaced with natural wood paving.

A path disappears behind the planting , meanders through meadows, then to end at the wooden deck. This is, lending a focus and mystical feeling to the whole design.

The garden’s wild beauty lures unsuspecting visitors to explore, Water is an important natural element of the garden. A still pool with waterside planting and drifts of pebbles in the foreground give an air of tranquility. A dramatic boulder outcrop draws the eye up from the pool. The scene is framed by dense, lush planting. A mass of grasses ,bamboos , evergreen and sword-shaped foliage give the garden a dramatic jungle feel.
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